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Adopt a Doodle

Points To Ponder

  1. Are you aware of the costs of caring for a puppy or puppy vaccinations/annual vaccinations, heartworm and other medications, top quality food/healthy treats, toys, crates, exercise pen, fenced yard, grooming products and trips to the groomer?
  2. Are you aware of the time involved in caring for a puppy or dog? i.e. walks, exercise time, cleaning bedding, raking the yard, brushing and bathing?
  3. Have you thought of all the times you will have to leave the puppy home alone and what you will do to facilitate that time? House sitter, doggie daycare, family checking in throughout the day? Work, school, vacations, entertainment and sports – dance, music lessons, sporting events, etc.

Adoption Application Form

Our Avidog Accreditation

All of our puppies are

Current on vaccinations
Trained to come to their names
Crate Trained
Doggy Door Trained
Completely Huggable!!