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Pricing and Warranty

Labradoodles – All sizes:

$3500.00 all puppies plus taxes

  1. Labradoodles – 4 Generation Pedigree
  2. 2 1/2 Year Health Warranty
  3. All Veterinary Care records (vaccinations, deworming schedule)
  4. Spay/Neuter
  5. Microchip
  6. Blanket
  7. Toys
  8. Collar and Kennel Lead
  9. Crate trained
  10. Well loved!!


  1. Buyer agrees to take the proper safeguards for the care, safety and well-being of the said dog sold herein, including but not limited to, a fenced yard or proper kennel, adequate shelter, feeding and exercise, socialization, and of special importance, Obedience Training.
  2. Buyer further agrees that if for any reason in the future you do not wish or are unable to keep this dog, Breeder is to be notified and dog may be returned.
  3. Breeder is to be notified of buyers change of address and phone number for her Records.
  4. The dog is guaranteed to be in good health at time of sale and buyer will have dog examined by a veterinarian of their choice within 72 hours of possession of dog at the buyer’s expense and return a signed copy of this Health Waranty, along with a Health Certificate or Letter of Health from your veterinarian, to Canadoodle Australian Labradoodles within 2 weeks of possession of dog. Failure to return this guarantee will automatically void the guarantee and release breeder from all contractual obligations.
  5. Should a genetic condition be designated severe, unable to be used for it’s intended purpose or life threatening, by two independent veterinarians, all diagnostic data including x-rays must be provided to Canadoodle Australian Labradoodles. Findings will be reviewed and agreed to by a vet of Canadoodle Australian Labradoodles choosing.
  6. Dog must be kept current on all vaccinations including rabies. If the purchaser is requesting replacement, copies of these records will be required by the breeder. The health warranty is void if vaccinations/rabies have not been given on a regular basis.
  7. The above warranty applies only to the below named purchaser who is also the original recipient of the dog.
  8. Feeding a base diet of generic, common or grocery store dog food or treats voids this warranty.
  9. Allowing the said dog to become overweight or obese voids this warranty.

All of our puppies are

Current on vaccinations
Trained to come to their names
Crate Trained
Doggy Door Trained
Completely Huggable!!